About Me


Pen Name: G. Michael Reynolds

Friends Call Me: Mike

They Call Me: El Jefe

Born: July 6, 1977 in Tampa, Florida

Places Lived: Florida-Tampa Bay area, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, Orlando area; Virginia-Hampton Roads area, Richmond, Winchester

Education: BS Professional Health Studies, MS Oriental Medicine (Florida College of Integrative Medicine)

Personal: Married, two kids

Other: Instructor at Tai Shan Martial Arts Association; electronic musician under WAY too many aliases (Sine Tempus, Tao Jones for starters); really likes card-based table top games, esp. Android: Netrunner and Legend of the Five Rings

Known Weaknesses: Scotch and Japanese whiskey, spicy cigars, coffee that takes half the morning to prep and brew, Techwear, slow-paced movies, books bigger than 1k pages

Favorite Authors/Influences: C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Ernest Hemingway,  William Gibson, Brandon Sanderson, David Eddings, Sean Russell. Deng Ming-Dao, James Clavell, Frank Herbert

Favorite Movies/Influences: Buckaroo Banzai, Big Trouble In Little China, Tron: Legacy, The Grandmaster, The Assassin (Nie Yinniang), Inception, Once Upon A Time In China 1&2, MCU, OG Star Wars, Seven Samurai, Leone/Eastwood trilogy

Favorite TV Shows (all time): Route 66 (James Wilder/Dan Cortese), Elvis: The Early Years, Monty Python, THE EXPANSE, the Marvel shows esp. Luke Cage, Firefly, Justified, Legion, Miami Vice

Music: DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Portishead, Download, Thievery Corporation, Aes Dana, Aphex Twin, 90’s Autechre, Fila Brazillia, CLUTCH, Starflyer 59, Slowdive, Mortal, Underworld, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, innumerable Techno artists/DJs (but especially Ellen Allien).