Chicken Congee Recipe

Back when I was in school for Chinese medicine, the big thing all the American professors wanted to hammer into us was how great congee was. It’s a superfood! It’s a rice miracle! It’s very easy on the Spleen.

“Eh, whatever,” quoth I. I did have it a few times, most notably from a restaurant in Orlando called Ming’s Bistro, who made a seriously tasty version of it.

Anyway, the reason it was foisted upon us was for use as something like the Chinese answer to chicken noodle soup. Got a convalescing patient on your hands? Congee. Weak digestion? Congee. Qi Deficiency? Congee. I made it a few times over the years and, to be frank, every attempt sucked more than the last one.

However, I have discovered a simple recipe from a blog called Roti & Rice that actually comes out tasty and satisfying, two things that have eluded my attempts. So next time you need simple food that’s easy on your digestion and will actually help you get back on your feet, rather than going for the Campbell’s, try this.

Simple Chicken Congee Recipe


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